This is an index of the archive of ICL material held in the Science Museum Library. For details of access click here.
This index is maintained by the Computer Conservation Society.

The ICL Archive

 11947-1986J.M.M.Pinkerton files
 21962-1966Reports: ICT, Ferranti Packard
 31949-1972Illustrated parts lists
 41963-1981Miscellaneous Technical Papers
 51967-1972Reports: EEC, Marconi-Elliott, ICL etc
 61950sLEO: Technical drawings
 71968-1986ICL company announcements
 91935-1987House Journals
 10c1965-1987Printed brochures: ICL
 111959-1968Printed brochures: ICT
 121920-1958Printed brochures: BTM
 131915-1957Printed brochures: Powers Samas
 141927-1989Printed brochures: other companies
 15  Companies' miscellaneous papers
 16  Number not used
 171977-1984The Putney Bridge Approach
 18  British patents
 19  American patents
 201977-1979Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
 231928-1968Powers-Samas Card Production
 241934-1955BTM Card Production   
 251950-1967ICT Card Production
 261968 ICL
 271962 National Data Processing Corp
 28  Inventors
 291958-1989Companies' Annual Reports etc
 301972-19821500 series
 311964-19851900 series
 321972-1979Miscellaneous special peripherals
 331974-19832903 range: 2903, 2904, 2905; ME29
 341973-19852900 series
 351973-1985Communications Equipment
 361971-1982Singer: System 10 and System 25
 371971-1985OEM Equipment
 381946-1973Early Computers
 391981-1987Distributed and Personal Systems: DRS, 8801, PC, PERQ, OPD
 401950-1971Miscellaneous Engineering Documentation
 411970-1984Engineering Standards & Design Info
 421973-1985Range-independent software
 431962-1985Books, conference proceedings, reports etc
 441919-1970Technical and Operator's Manuals for Punched Card Equipment
 451940-1973Boxes containing further Manuals for Punched Card Equipment
 46c1920-c1970Drawings of parts and assemblies used on Punched Card and Early Computer Equipment
 47  Number Not Used
 48  Problem Investigation Archive
 49  Product Descriptions and other marketing documentation - Series 39 and subsequent ranges.
 50  Manufacturers not connected to the ICL family
 51  Particular Installations
 52  Miscellaneous
 53  Number not used
 541964-2000 Sales Proposals, Invitations to Tender, and Responses to Tenders
 Un-numbered The Beeching Archive