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13. Powers-Samas Printed Brochures

13/11915-1957Powers Applications & Publicity. [Miscellaneous]
c1925 Cost Accounting by Powers Machines
1929 Profit - Earnings Accounting
c1925 Speed and Efficiency by Powers (2 copies)
c1925 Budgetary Control of Production by Powers Accounting Machines
c1925 Stock Control by Powers Card per Unit Method
1926 Special Devices and Attachments
1932 Special Devices and Attachments
1935 Modern Accounting
c1932 Powers Accounting Machines
c1948 The Powers Spot Punch
1948 The Good Ship Powers
c1950 Retail Co-Operative Society Accounting
c1956 Supplies
c1956 Samastronic
1957 P.C.C.
1930s Payroll by Powers Samas Accounting Machines
undated Sales Accounting by Powers Samas punched card methods
1940 Tabulating Tips - Double-Use Cards - (Remington Rand)
1947 The Utility of the Card - (Remington Rand)
1947 Simple Tabulations - Payroll - (Remington Rand)
13/21928-1957Powers Applications & Publicity. [Miscellaneous]  
c1946 Stores Control
c1956 Punched Card Accounting for Management Control
c1957 Powers Forty Range of Punched Card Accounting Machines
c1957 E.M.P.
1954 Production Control by Powers Samas
1931 Powers-Samas ‘PUNCH’ - Various applications
Undated Powers-Samas All–In Unit Storage