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12. BTM Printed Brochures — Hollerith Applications & Publicity

12/11920-19581936Punched hole accounting
1936 The small card tabulator
1936 Electricity Supply Accounting
1936 Statement Production on Hollerith electric Accounting Machines
undated Examples of Commercial Tabulation in Hollerith Service
1940 Accounting by Electricity
c1958 Punched Card Accounting
c1939 A new method of Hire Purchase Accounting
1951 ? Hollerith electrical Punched Card Accounting
1951 In Business Too
1951 Hollerith Accounting Machines - Card Manufacture & Standards
1953 Key to Action
1957 An introduction to binary arithmetic
1958 The use of the Hollerith Type 555 Electronic Calculator for scientific computation
1958 A progress report on Production Control by Computer
1936 Hollerith Reproducing Punch (2 copies)
12/2 Hollerith Applications and Publicity
1929 Hollerith Census Equipment
1931 Hollerith Accounting Machines
1948 Accounting by Electricity
1949 Mechanised Invoicing
1949 DUCOL - increased column capacity on an 80 column card
1951 Maidstone & District Motor Service - Punched Card Accounting
1952 Application of Punched Cards to Actuarial Practice
1951 Punched Card Control for Austin Motors New Assembly Plant
1951 Synchronised Feeder Conveyors at Austin Motors New Assembly Plant
1952 Austin Motor Co - Conveyor System
1952 The Machine Takes Charge
1952 Making Components for Hollerith Tabulating Machines
1954 Hollerith KEYSTOR Punch
1952 Dividend Distribution
1952 BTM Castlereagh
1953 Today & Tomorrow - Business Efficiency Exhibition 1953
1955 Highways Costing
1953 Mobile Exhibition Unit
c1953 Type 504 Multiplying Punch
1954 Type 413 Interpreter
1954 HEC General Purpose Electronic Computer
1954 HEC General Purpose Electronic Computer - Applications - Payroll
1954 Hollerith BEE Information Manual
1955 Punched Cards in Engineering
c1956 HEC General Purpose Electronic Computer - Applications - Shop Loading
c1956 Type 542 Electronic Multiplier
undated Colangular Steel Office Equipment
1958 Hollerith Type 555 Electronic Calculator
1957 Planned Production Control (2 copies)

1957 Ironfounders of Scotland

c1950 Hollerith Development in PAYE and PAYROLL production
c1954 Ledger Posting Device
1956 Production Control - Olympia
c1956 Rambles through Binland and Electronia
c1942 Machines and Men - (3 small wartime brochures)
1946 How Many - Script of a BBC Programme
12/3 Mechanical service instructions for punched card machines (3 small ring binders :
12/3/21930s-50sCollators, Reproducers, Summary card punches, Gang punches
12/3/31930s-50sPunches, Verifiers, Sorters, Tabulators