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5. Reports

English Electric Computers

5/11967 JulNo KLDn 063 : Optical Character Recognition Report
5/21968 JulNo K/GDy 168 : O.C.R. (Handprinting) Review

Marconi-Elliott Computing Systems Ltd, Computing Research Laboratory

5/31969 JulMinistry of Technology Advanced Computer Technology Project.    High Integrity Computing Systems. Contract no KJ/5G/101

Loughborough University of Technology, Department of Ergonomics & Cybernetics. Human Sciences and Advanced Technology

5/41972 JunNo Luterg 67 : An Ergonomic Survey of Computer Operation
5/51972 JulA technical note on the implementation of the recommendations    in Luterg 67

ICL Customer Engineering Services Organisation

5/61972 FebNew Range Strategic working party

ICL New Projects Engineering

5/71972 DecRepair strategy. Engineering activity EA5