Brian Wichmann (BAW)

File  Type Description (source)
ccsx1PDF List of known KDF9 computers (BAW, et al)
pindexHTML Photos of KDF9 computers and bits (BAW, et al)
reminisencesHTML Reminiscences of KDF9 (BAW, et al)
DemocratHTML+PDF Research paper in PDF describing an experimental operating system for the KDF9, with some reflections by me in HTML (BAW)
Algol statisticsPDF An NPL report which gave the statistics I gathered by modifying the Whetstone interpreter, with some statistics also from Oxford University (BAW).
Five Algol compilersPDF A research paper from the Computer Journal, which compares five Algol 60 compilers, including the Kidsgrove compiler for the KDF9 (BAW).
Some validation tests for an Algol 60 compilerPDF NPL report aboiut running 130 tests (BAW).
The Whetstone BenchmarkPDF The statistics gathered for Algol 60 was used to construct a synthetic benchmark which became very populer for many years (BAW+HJC). The benchmark is still available and useable, see.
Testing Algol compilersPDF A research paper from Software P and E on testing Algol 60 compilers.(BAW+BJ).
Algol 60 Compilation and AssessmentPDF A book published by Academic Press but transcribed to PDF (BAW)
Ackermann's Function: A study in the efficiency of calling proceduresPDF BIT Vol 16 1976 pp103-110 Scanned and converted to LaTeX. (BAW)
How to call procedures or Second thoughts on Ackermann's FunctionPDF Software - Practice and Experience Vol 7 pp317-329, 1977. Scanned and converted to LaTeX (BAW)
Index to Technical KDF9 DocumentsHTML Documents from Brian Randell to be archived (and scanned in some cases)
Coset enumerationHTML Details of a program written by John Leech at Glasgow University