Emulation of the ICL 1900

We have preservations of two George3 systems, along with emulation software which allows them to be run.

The smaller of the two systems contains basic software and the ALGOL68-R compiler, the first compiler for Algol68 in the world. This system can be downloaded from (2.9 Mbytes)

The larger of the two systems contains more ICL software, and also a certain amount of other material from the filestore of Manchester Grammar School. This system can be downloaded from (26 Mbytes); It contains a readme file that can also be seen here.
At the earliest opportunity you should erase :MACROS.EN

The emulator included within these versions is for Win32 PCs. It has been run on Win95 and WinXP. The software has been scanned for viruses and reported as clean.
Solaris and Linux versions can be supplied on request.


There is a scanned PLAN Reference Manual: There is also a section from the Leeds University User Manual here. This is unmodified so you should ignore information about the PROG macro, but much of it describes George3 in general.

Source text

The source text of George3 is here.

We do not have the George 3 macros on-line, or the Programmer's Reference Manual (PRM).
We do have the PRM on micro-fiche, and hope that some day technology will be available to us that will enable us to put the material on-line.


N.B. You are not allowed to make any commercial gain from this system, which is rather at the level of a-test.
Multiple attempts have been made to contact people who might be copyright owners, but without success. We did get clearance years ago to use the material for academic study. It is hoped that your interest is of that nature.

If you feel that any of the material here is inappropriate, please make contact.