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38. Early Computers - item 84
3L C compilers binaries and manual
A bard by any other name
A History of the Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre (ERCC)
A later version was written in IMP by Hamish Dewar - Google Search
A little Pop history - comp.lang.pop Google Groups
A Toosht o Whigmaleeries - Andrew Gordon
Aaron Sloman - interfacing GSL Pop11-Poplog
AI 1992 Edinburgh University Ilona Bellos (now Morison)
AI 1992 Edinburgh University List of Alum
AI 1992 Edinburgh University Welcome!
ai-seminars A joined Artificial Intelligence seminar
AIAI Events - videos
AIAI, University of Edinburgh - Movies
alan bundy article
Algol-60 for MSDOS and Z80 CP-M Ilona Morison Books Practical Compiling With Pascal-S (International Computer Science Series)
An appraisal of the Atlas supervisor - Derrick Morris
Atlas Computer Laboratory
Atlas Fellows announced
Atlas Interrupts
Austin Tate
BBC NEWS UK England Academic pair killed in car crash
Bob Kowalski
bratley reference
BSP Beratung, Schulung, Projekte GmbH - New User Documentation Effort
Buy Mustek [A3USB1200PRO] A3USB1200PRO - Scanner,, Scanexpress, A3, 1200, Pro, best price $164 at
CAMiLEON Project
CCS - Events in the South East of England
Christopher Strachey recollections of his influence
Citation to Whitfield & Wight
Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting]
Computer Science at the University of Essex Tony Brooker
contact info for pat ambler
CS Repository upodated
CS Repository
David Marwick's Home Page
DBLP Kenneth Chisholm
DBLP Malcolm P. Atkinson
Department of Computer Science
Designing Interactions
Donald Michie
Early POP.
Edinburgh Freddy Robot
edinburgh imp language compiler - Google Book Search
edinburgh multi access system - Google Book Search
edinburgh prolog - bundy rae johnson
edinburgh-computer-history Search Results http
Edsac Simulator
eMag Tape and Data Conversion Center
English Electric Deuce Computer
EUCS Staff List
Fernando Pereira
Flickr The ed_comp_hist Pool
Flowers Report
GEC Computers
Golden Anniversary Conference Speakers 1
Google Directory - Computers Programming Languages
Google Search emas multi access operating system
Gordon Bell's Computer Structures book
gordon wilson agw - Google Search
graham stout doc
History of the Department of Computer Science
How To Reach Edinburgh By Net Mail - list of people early years.pdf,38917,en.pdf
IBM Public Domain Software Collection
Imp77 User Guide Edition 1 - Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Imperial College Computing Engines - profsid and tony brooker
Index of -gdmr-Historical-Photos-2007-05-JCMB
Index of -research-poplog-doc-popref
Index of -research-poplog
Index of -research-projects-poplog-nonlin
Index of -~bfoley-edhist
Informatics Forum video tour September 2008 news
Informatics Jamboree 2007 - videos
James Allan’s Weblog
Jefferson Computer Museum - Ancient Alphabetic Art
Jim's Computer Garage (museum) - Historical Items
John Ellenby
jstor Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 7, No. 2 (Spring - Summer, 1969 ), pp. 175-177
Kalin-Burkhart - cf ferranti logical computor
Ken Johnson's Journal
Ken Johnson
lindsay marshall - the newcastle connection.pdf
Logo (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manchester Autocodes
Michael R. Elliott - Litigation Support
Mike Gordon
Mind Machine Museum
mod_ext_filter - filter for history website - use for edinburgh site
MSc Thesis Index
Multi User Mini Benchmark
Multipop - Hybrid Operating System and Programming Language (Computer Language)
Multipop-68 from FOLDOC
National Archive for the History of Computing - resources for the history of computer technology
Neil Franklin's Computer Folklore-History Links Page
News and Events Archive
Nimbus logo - ACM
Nimbus logo
Nonlin Planning System
On-Line Documents
our base camp for the conference
Pascal Implementation
PERQ Locations
POP11 Primer
pop11 teach primer
Portability in silicon CAE
Profile Stephen Muggleton
profsid - early Bayesian perhaps
profsids work
Public Record Office The National Archives
Publications by Lindsay  Marshall, Computing Science, Newcastle University
Rapid Mobile - Richard Marshalls company
recovering data from improperly stored floppy disks
reference to ferranti logical computor
remember to find alan freeman
Robots - Freddy
Roland Ibbett write-up for biog page
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh - edcomphist copy
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh
School of Informatics Past Exam Papers Home Page
Searching for Intelligence in Edinburgh The Register
Sigma 2
Simple Procedural and Block Structured
Smart Computing Encyclopedia Entry - Michie, Donald
Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project (ss_edi.htm)
So You Wanna Create Your Own x86 Operating System LG #85
Square Root by Abacus Algorithm
System 4 The Early Days
The AI Genealogy Project Search Data
The authors would like to acknowledge the help given them by Hamish Dewar - Google Search
The Computer Journal
The English Electric KDF9 Computer
The Great Logo Atlas - The Logo Tree
The Mobiliser - Richard Marshall's blog
The OSKit Project - for emas on x86 project perhaps
The University of Edinburgh Campaign - gallery
The University of Edinburgh Campaign
The Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years TV Show
UK Data Archive
uminn collection - edinburgh
Using LXR for browsing C-C++ Programs in HTML
VAX-VMS on Linux using SIMH
Vita.html - Daedal
Wiley InterScience JOURNALS Geophysical Journal International
Yahoo! Groups hercules-390 Messages Message 35385 of 35385
Yahoo! Site Explorer - links to our site
yahoo2mbox Archiver for Yahoo! Groups


Gottfried Michael Koenig - Composition Processes (full version)

40 Years of Computing at Newcastle - Dependability
50 Years of Army Computing From ENIAC to MSRC - Google Book Search
6809 history
A Brief Tutorial on the ML1 macro processor
A History of the Personal Computer The People... - Google Book Search
AIM-239.pdf - HAKMEM
Alan Turing's Manual for the Ferranti Mk. I
Alan Watson on BCPL
ALGOL Summary Programming a Computer in Atlas Autocode Books Books Programming Language Translation (The Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications, 15)
Antique Computers - Ed Thelen - -resources-text- - -resources-text-English_Electric-
Atlas - chilton - site map
atlas autocode - Google Book Search
azz's favorites tagged with retrocomputing on
BBC NEWS Technology Colossus cracks codes once more
BCS at Fifty Home Page
BDS C An 8080-Z80 C Compiler
Benchmark Programs and Reports incl whetstone
Benchmarks for PDP-8 Emulators
bk2site Other Tools similar to bk2site for project site
Bob Eager's Reflections on the ICL 2900
C and Unix Portability
CCS - First Stored Program Computer Rebuild Project
CCS - First Stored Program Computer Rebuild The Collection
Charles Babbage Institute
China and the Battlefield in Space
Citation to J C Adams
Classic Computers
Clive Feather on CPL and BCPL
Common Home Directory List (CG)
Comp.compilers Re Jensen's device
Comp.compilers Re User definable operators
Computer History
Computer Laboratory - Events in the early history of the Computer Laboratory
Computer Museum
Computer Resurrection Issue 12
Computer Resurrection Issue 14
Computer Resurrection Issue 4
coral66 library manual pdp11
cv Gnome's Computers - pegasus links Gnome's Computers - pegasus Gnome's Computers
DBLP Peter Ross
DBLP W. Paul Cockshott
DEC PDP-10 Emulation
Dennis Ritchie BCPL to B to C
DEUCE Documents
Digital History Links
Digital History A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web
disk platter table
Disk2FDI Homepage
Does anyone remember the KDF-9
E.W. Dijkstra Archive My recollections of operating system design (EWD1303)
Edinburgh BITs July 2002
Edinburgh Computer History
Elliot 803 emulator
English Electric DEUCE Computer (AU)
English Electric Deuce Computer manuals
English Electric Deuce Computer talk
English Electric DEUCE Computer
Eric Smith's Free Software
Eric's Slide Rule Site
Features Who Really Invented The Video Game
first exam question in AA
Free Compiler Page
Friden Flexowriter - a photoset on Flickr
FTP directory -pub-dick-Algol68- at
GCG on VMS vs UNIX - Roy Omond
GEC 4000 series processors
General purpose macro processor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
goering quote
Google Directory - Computers History
Google Search emas imp machine names
Google Search john ellenby
Google Search the compiler compiler brooker
gordon bell book
Gordon Bell's Home Page
Gordon Bell's Publications
Grace Murray Hopper - Vassar College Encyclopedia
Great but obscure research
gtoal@tharr.uucp Retro Computing Archives
HAL-S Documents
Henk's DIGITAL computer room
historic documents in computer science and engineering
HISTORY OF SPREADSHEETS - Online Spreadsheets - EditGrid
History of T
Home Page - Mike Jeays
Howlett IEE Presentation,38917,en.pdf
ICL 2900 Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
index Assorted books and reports from the early years
index Computers up to about 1960
index KDF9 and 1900 photos
Index of
Index of -pdf
Index of -pub-academic-computer-science-history
Index of -research-poplog-doc
Index of -teaching-cs3-os-slides
Index of -teaching-cs3
Internet Archive Details
Iterations An interdisciplinary journal of software history
Itzehoer Computer Museum PDP 9 - Details
Janus Papers relating to the development of the EDSAC, one of the earliest electronic computers
Jara Software Egg Home page
Jefferson Computer Museum - Terak Museum
Jefferson Computer Museum - UCSD P-System Museum
Kalah on Atlas
KDF9 8 Hole Paper Tape
kdf9 emulator!
kdf9 Input-Output Media
KLOTH.NET - TTY tape punch emulator
Languages and Software Development
Links to ANSI, ASCII Art and Demoscene Related Sites
Logo Software
M5, A Simpler Macro Processor
Main Articles 'Domesday Redux The rescue of the BBC Domesday Project videodiscs', Ariadne Issue 36
Mark Brader on B
Matchbox Tic-Tac-Toe
Micro Autocode - Overview
MicroVAXen at SCS
Mike Gordon on Christopher Strachey (and Burstall)
MIT portable C compiler
ML-I macro processor
modern unix v7 ports - and bcpl
Multics Virtual Memory - Tutorial and Reflections
National Archive for the History of Computing Catalogue
OCH Pilot Study
Old Computers - rare, vintage and obsolete computers
Open Directory - Computers Programming Languages Algol 60
Open Sources Voices from the Open Source Revolution
OpenVMS Freeware Archive
Orthodox Editors Page
Our Computer Heritage
Oxford Journals Mathematics & Physical Sciences Computer Journal History paper
Panda Programming TOPS-20 Home Page
PDP-8-E Simulator
Peter Ross's home page
PL-I for GCC
Primeval C two very early compilers
Programming Langauge Related Resources
queen anne legs for disc drive table
Re A little Pop history
re Anyone for CORAL
Recovering my old BBC Model B Microcomputer
ref to Byrd's Edinburgh Prolog
Reflections on the ICL 2900
Resurrection - The Bulletin of the CCS
Retro-computing Texts
Sample Language Reference Manual for the Language A
School of Computer Science
School of Computing Science Publications inurl.pdf - Google Search
slide rule emulator
Smart Computing Article - Briggs, Henry to Bushnell, Nolan
SpringerLink - Article
Sticks & Stones II
TalkBCPL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tavi OS-2 pages
Tavi PS-2 pages
Technical books online
The Autocodes
THE COMPUTER AGE - field artillery computer
The Computer History Simulation Project
The Computer Journal History
The Early History of Smalltalk
The Ferranti ORION website
The Machine That Changed the World
The Manchester University Small-Scale Experimental Machine
The Medium is NOT the Message
The Milner Lecture
The ML-I Macro Processor
The ML1 macro processor
The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
The Unix Tree
The VAX History
Timeline of GNU-Linux and Unix
Timeline of programming languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Titan Autocode - Scope
Tom Kilburn Summary
Tony Hoare
Underground --e
Video Display Terminal Information –
Virtual machines - really about emulation
Welcome to the Retrocomputing Archive!
Wiley InterScience JOURNALS coral66
Wiley InterScience JOURNALS Software Practice and Experience
Wiley InterScience Journal Abstract
Word hyphenation using troff's algorithm - alt.sources Google Groups
Yahoo! Groups computer-history
YouTube - computer history videos
[oucs] Computer Equipment Photographs